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Onda Verde / Green Wave

Green Wave is a project where the earth is the winner. People save money by reducing their energy consumption. Less consumed fossil fuel means less emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. And in Galapagos less consumed fossil fuel means less chance of another diesel fuel spill in the bay.

  1. This course is designed to teach efficient energy conservation at home.
  2. Students will participate in activities that provide exposure and knowledge of the situation of energy to the community. The activity will include research on the situations to enable students to understand the consumer perspective and how to save energy.
  3. Students get involved in measurement activities with the rMeter Smart Meter in the community where they then provide energy information to householders. Students will write papers on the results of their research activities for the community.
  4. Students will use advanced information technology in communications and electronic data collection that provide them the knowledge and experience to collect and analyze research data and publish reports in various electronic formats using a variety of technology hardware and software.


We are part of the Green Wave where our people learn to help with energy saving. We teach our community to take care for our environment.

The program will provide two Netbook computers to the best two students.